mobile disco/mobile dj sussex Videos

Slick polished compilation of clips
to a "disco of disco" sound bed!

Just a quick one I threw together
with live sound. Two gigs from the
end of may '09. Blog style gigs to
come next.

My first video blog of a gig I did
on May 29th I think. For a 21year
old Liz Hurly look-alike and her
lovely parents and friends on an
idylic farm around Ardingly

From a wedding  I did a few years ago.
A very long day due to lack of info
etc. Nice couple though. Thanks
for the wine!

This is the latest video blog.
It's a wedding I did some time ago.
(19th June)  and is my first mixed race
marriage in 9 years of business!

This reminds me of my time In
Los Angeles. Just for fun!

Classic Mitchell and Webb Party
planners sketch. Warning! strong

The last promotional video for
a while. Please enjoy

Check out this first dance that I
did for Hazel and Stewart on 27th
August 2009. Very original and very
well done! (by the way, I can't take
 credit for the filming on this one.
I'm the loud voice at the end behind
my console)

We did this last bank holiday
weekend on the Sunday. It was
Tim from Atlantic Sound's idea and
we all helped him get it on the road

Check out this demo of my latest
service add-on. LED uplighters
or mood lighting.

Another uplighter demo vid against
a back wall of a gym at a roller party

This is a short video I did recently
of setting up for a larger than usual
type of party at "The Venue" in
Chichester. Not a great turn out
but that's not down to me!
More down to lazy guests of the
host...Never mind it's mainly about
the set up not the dancing.

Please excuse the chewing gum -
I was giving up smoking, it was nicotine gum and
I had no idea how yobbish I looked until after, but
then it was too late!

This is from the 2010 Goodwood
wedding fayre at yes you guessed it
Goodwood Park Hotel. Just a quick
look at what these things are like
to visit.

Another uplighter demo from March 2010

Here's a blog of a gig I did last summer 2009
at Netley police college near Southampton.
Good clip of the lazer unit on a high ceiling or
Atrium as I believe it's called.

You have to check this DJ out!

His enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all!

I love this bit of technology. I was just saying

to Becky last night; One day we'll walk in with

a few bits of hi-tech perspex and put on an amazing show

without having to spend an hour setting it all up. Well, one step

closer to the "Minority report" look..

Well if you've been brought up on standard pop

music and are looking for something a little more exotic

and moving....try this. One of my all time heroes blowing them away on breakfast TV!


Check out the future of DJing (as I've predicted and longed for many times!)

Bognor Regis illuminations disco float in August. We won first prize!

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