Booking and Prices

I serve all of the South East from Bournemouth to Hastings, Bognor to Surrey. Outside these locations accommodation may be included in the quote.

I will play whatever you ask for if I have it. Please note I can no longer play CD'S, as I am now fully hard drive orientated. Please give plenty of notice for special hard-to-get songs. 

I send you out a confirmation upon TELEPHONE booking (usually via email or post mail if you require.)

This avoids the need for too-ing and fro-ing of contracts in the post so everybody knows that its booked and done after your deciding phone call. See "payment" below.

If through an act of God I can't make it to your event I will do everything within my power to call up a replacement on your behalf. Be assured though that I have NEVER not turned up to a gig yet.

I will usually need about an hour to set up (add half an hour for uplighter package) and the same to take down the show and will ideally require about 10' x 10' space with two 13 amp power sockets. Please be aware that if its an outside gig I MUST be under cover 10' high - NO exceptions! Please remember the above particularly in the case of those summer marquee gigs, as  90% of the time they install the dance floor without leaving any space behind it for the DJ! (Doh!) Lastly, Please try and make parking as close and convenient as possible for loading and unloading.

2023 prices: No hidden extras/VAT etc. These are actual prices all in - How good is that?

Wedding disco: £400.00 for up to 5 hours. £70.00 per hour thereafter

Other discos:

£70.00 per hour all in. No vat. No hidden extras unless hiring extra bits (see below)

children's parties (under 16) which are usually around 2 hours (£120.00) and to be cost effective must be in West Sussex.  

Christmas 2024. All functions are charged at £70.00 per hour.

New Years Eve 2024- £500.00 for standard disco set up (see list right below) without additional LED mood lighting 


Standard disco set up: 7 lighting effects which will cover the whole area (dance floor and back wall or ceiling) ie: 4 x LED lights plus Strobe, 4 head laser unit and ultra violet can. 2xElecrovoice ZLX-15P 1000watt (full range speakers)  2 x 700 watt EV18" active bass (subwoofer) speakers.  My custom fitted console with two computerised DJ deck systems in case of technical failure of either. Both loaded wth my all  of my songs available instantly for request call ups. Spare mixing desk in case of technical failure of main desk. (Set up below includes 2 extra bass [subs] for larger venues at no extra charge).

Extra bits:
L.E.D. Mood-lighting/colourwash parcans: £100.00 per night (6 units - hire). Great effect. Click on link to see. 
Smoke machine: (venue permitting - smoke detectors): Free 
Bubble machine: Free (nice effect especially for children and wedding first dances, but can make shiney floors a bit slippery) Please order, as not part of standard show.

Radio microphone (for speeches): Free - Please order, as not part of standard show!

Slide show: (of your pictures): £40.00 per night (hire)

Early (day time) set up (must be secure venue) £100.00

2x extra bass bins (Subwoofers) (600watts each) at my discretion. Please say if the venue is extra large and I will bring them along. No charge. 

2x extra mid range speakers (450 watts each) as above.

There is no VAT!  What you see is what you pay. There are no hidden extras. So you are unaffected by the 20% VAT rate.

 Cash-on-the-night but MUST be paid at the start of the gig before play/ Bank transfer to my holding account: Details supplied on confirmation email  
Please note: With an early set up, payment must before set up to show your commitment to the security of my equipment.  
Please note: I'm not the cheapest (or I should add, the most pricey either!). I plough a lot of money into my show to make sure that when you hire me for your party you and your friends get a stylish impressive experience that will give you kudos and a cool reputation for years to come! Spending between 5 and 30K on your wedding for example, only to have some cowboy/rude idiot turn up with some dated, cheap and crappy equipment that sounds "head slicingly tinny" and or distorted is what you may well get if you are too focused on the price. Also there is a hardcore of so-called dj's who will quote bottom dollar and then drop you at the last minute if/when they secure a better offer. These are not scare tactics. my site is all about helping you through the confusion of first time booking (most people) with my profession as much as I can. Please use search box on my home page and read my blog: "Wedding advice from a deejays point of view" for more information on this even if you're just having a birthday party etc. You do tend to get what you pay for in life. The best price is my price if you factor in what you're getting for your money. There are people down the road from me who charge less, but I've seen their shows and I can see why. Please be warned.  Book me and buy yourself peace-of-mind now. The reviews on site are all posted by my real and treasured customers.


Remember: quality is NOT expensive - It's priceless!