Online Payment

This page is here to give customers the option of Pay Pal online payment for their disco and extra add-on bits. The prices are slightly more expensive. This is to cover pay Pal's extortionate commission charges. When I first saw how bad they were I nearly took this page down, but then I thought I'd leave it up as an option for your convenience. 

Please only use it when you have a definate booking and if you can, please use the bank transfer option. It's cheaper for you and more convenient for both of us.

Here's how you do it:

Please click "Add To Cart" for each service that you require. Each time you do this you will be taken to the Paypal landing page. Don't worry if you need more services. You will see a button that says "continue shopping". Click on that baby and continue to add stuff on that you need.

Once you've added your final service option (eg: early set up , extra hour etc.) you will be on Paypal so just click on "Proceed to check-out" where you will be able to choose your method of payment.

Any problems: call me (Mike) on 07976 409 141 or shoot me an email anyway to let me know you've paid, so I can log it down on your booking form.

Thanks and happy shopping!

Mobile Disco (non wedding) up to
5 hours - £290.00    

Mobile Disco Wedding - up to
5 hours - £370.00

Early Set Up Fee - £50.00

Extra hour - £60.00 - click once for each extra hour needed

Slide Show / Video Play - £50.00

Uplighter Package £90.00 - 6 units around the dance floor changing colour in unison - slow sweep, static or sound to light - Recommended!

Please email me when you have paid so I can keep track of it and mark it off on your booking form. Thanks.