Here are some frequently asked questions about my show:

Q: What type of music do you have/play?

A: pretty much everything you would want at a party from most eras but you can check out my catalogue here
If there's anything particular that you want played and you don't see it (indexed here by artist) I can usually get hold of it if you give me enough notice.

Q: Can we meet with you before the event?

A: Yes if you don't live too far away from Littlehampton where I am based I will work with you to arrange a time and place, whether you come to me (parking) or I come to you or somewhere inbetween. Just ask... I aim to please.

Q: Do you use a laptop?

A: At some parts of the evening I use it, such as for background music/going to the loo etc. but when the partying starts in earnest, I always get down to some serious mixing on the decks, as this creates a better vibe for dancing with longer overlaps and generally more interesting segways. I love what I do and I refuse to be a zombie behind a flat screen like some that I've seen. Technology is good if it's used as a good servant. It's only bad when it becomes the lord and master. A bit like fire in that respect. 

Q: Do you need a long time to set up?

A: usually around an hour from getting my equipment in unless you are including uplighters in which case add about 45minutes. I can do early set ups for special circumstances eg: having the wedding breakfast in the same room with no break but I usually have to make a small surcharge of £40.00 to cover extra time and fuel. Security must be good if I'm going to leave equipment at the venue for the afternoon. 

Q: Do you leave your equipment over night? 

A: No Never. I'm not insured for such risk. It all has to come out at the end with me and that takes around the same time (around 1 hour) so please let the management of the venue know about it. 

Q: Do you talk a lot? 

A: It depends on the crowd on the night. If you are all well up for a party I talk a little more, but I never allow it to dominate the music. I try to talk in the intros like a radio DJ would so as not to crash the vocal. That being said, I don't have the song intro times in front of me like they do on the radio, so it's not always quite as perfect.

Q: Do you do announcments?

A: Of course. Every gig has it's announcements like the buffet, last orders, special dedications or ad lib performances by the guests etc. I will announce with confidence, clarity and as they say in drama: Projection ie: getting the message accross. 

Q: Do you do karaoke?

A: Not at this time. I love to do it myself as an ex musician but it's a whole new area of investment and I don't honestly think the small demand justifies the outlay unless I had a regular gig somewhere. If you have a backing track and want to do a one off, I will allow you to sing, provided you are not too drunk, as dropping the microphone can seriously damage the speakers when they are not damage-limited like a proper karaoke set up is (for just that reason). NB: you'll need to let me know in advance so I can load the track onto my hard drives. By in advance I mean before the gig. I don't use CD's unless specially organised before hand to bring my decks along. I do (without using cd's) properly mix by hand by the way. I don't stand gormless behind a laptop all night!

Q: What if we damage your equipment?

A: The most common cause of damage is from drunk guests spilling drink on the equipment and yes, it is chargable! In severe circumstances it could actually end the gig if vital equipment is damaged. PLEASE for all our sakes, try and discourage your guests from talking drinks near to the show and lighting, as even if you drop a drink and glass on the dance floor, it can possibly cut some poor girl's feet and we don't want that at a party do we? Also, if you have a "sozzled" guest lurching around near the show usually with lager in hand, it will engulf my attention until they are no longer a threat. This affects the quality of the performance and spoils it for both of us :-(  Immagine someone was sloshing a full bucket of water around inches from your flat screen tv, computer or stereo...How would you feel? Would you be totally chilled and relaxed? As I say in my paperwork, If you know anyone who does this regularly, it may be cheaper to leave them at home bring your pets instead.

Q: How far do you go to perform?

A: I am based in Barnham Worthing Littlehampton (Girlfriends/landlords/relatives - How they can affect you're life eh?) West Sussex and I go pretty much as far as Bournmouth to the West and Hastings to the East. Having said that I've been to Salisbury and Birmingham before now but these are exceptions. I can go all the way up to Central London, although thankfully I don't get asked to very often, as the London traffic and congestion charge needs considerable preparation and time, not to mention parking. Check out: Mobile Disco and DJ in worthing local page 

Q: Do you bring anyone to the gig with you? 

A: Rarely I'll bring an assisitant to the gig, usually female, as most of my friends are female. I bring them (if they are available) when the logistics are difficult and I need some help with the equipment (if it's upstairs or there's a lot to set up). They won't get in your way and are all very polite, well presented and courteous. 

At this time I can't think of anything else to mention here. Many points are already covered in my Booking and prices page, but if you think of anything else let me know or ask and I'll inlcude the answers here.