Uplighting: Set your night off in colour!

I'm pleased to announce the eco-friendly LED uplighters (think stage coloured lighting that shines up to create a mood - actually called par-cans in the trade) which will set your wedding or party venue off like a cutting edge club or restaurant. Here are a couple of pictures I took where the bride wanted the mood to be a "pink" one. 

Notice how even though it's still daylight outside (typical of a wedding first dance in summer) the 4 uplighters still do a stoic job of setting the mood. 
I can change the colours via controller unit to what ever you require (blue, green,red, purple/pink, light green, light blue, white.) and/or "set them loose" to colour change, strobing effect during the exciting bits,  flash (in unison) in time to the music once the main party begins.

The good news is they are only £80 for each gig (6 units). 

Please note: For logistical reasons I do not hire them separately from the gig that I am doing.

From: Phil DIbb (Mon 23rd Aug 2010 at 20:28) 
Thanks for a GREAT disco at our wedding, Mike!
Faultless performance; all our requests included.
Lightshow well worth the extra. 
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Colour changing uplighters and Parcans to enhance your party or wedding reception. LED eco-friendly low power consumption!