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Mass survey and sunburn

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Hi all again. Well this last weekend I didn't have a booking. I had a request last minute to DJ for someone's wedding for another company but (sorry Erik) Becky and I were 100% focused on getting out surveys for my over 25's disco night out in Chichester which I am determined will happen! Becky stayed in the town centre giving out postcards and I tramped about 5 miles in the searing sun posting them through letterboxes. We played on our talents. Becky's great at her bit and I'm better at the distance thing. We both got a bit sunburned but we got 1500 cards out between us (50% each).

So far we've got about ten surveys come back so you can see it's a fairly thankless task right now!

I've got a venue in mind, but everyone's been advising me to go for starting out small. I checked out a smaller venue today but they were not willing to hire it out for a "public party".

I can almost hear them sniffing as they look down their noses at my email. Never mind. I have the costings on the larger venue now and I know we need to have a lot of punters from the start, so as from this evening I've set up a facebook page to get members to commit to joining.

Well got to be going out the door right now but if you know anyone over 25 who want's to go out dancing away from the thursdays teenyboppers please send them to my survey page post haste!

We finished sometime in the afternoon by the way and I have to say it's been a long time since a beer tasted quite that good...


Have a great weekend and I'll catch up soon.



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