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Social marketing - Yaawn!

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Well hello there. I was at home most of the day yesterday and well...I was on my laptop from around midday to 9pm without stopping. I was researching how and what extra tweeks I could apply to get my site a little bit closer to the top of Google, since those are the guys that are getting the most phone calls and at this time of year, one thinks about that quite a bit really. Every year the recession seems to kick in a bit harder and you wonder just a little bit more how much worse it can get. 

I began to feel a little bit nostalgic today, thinking about all the hoops I've jumped through on the marketing front of late, not least due to all the stuff I read yesterday.

Let's see now: What does the modern small business need to promote themselves these days?

Hmmm.... There's a facebook page to maintain. There's a twitter page to keep going. There's Google local, Google plus page, Linkedin, Pinterest, and now instagram. Oh and let us not forget; after all that you have your own actual site to maintain, update and keep interesting. 

I'm starting to think back to the old days - You know the year 2000 to say 2003, when all you had to do was pay Yellow pages a kings bloody ransom and some geeky arty mate to design your adbox (under your strict supervision of course) and you could rely on your phone to ring all year, thus leaving you to indulge in the thing that you were good at and actually had a passion for: you know - Your business!

I just had a message from facebook today saying that I could do with putting some more up to date content on my facebook DJ page. Ha! How much can you actually say about deejaying to your public? I mean we can witter on (that's witter not twitter) for hours on forum sites between ourselves, talking shop, but what more is there to say to potential and current customers? Here I am. I'm really good at what I do because I love it and my testimonials confirm this. Well, where does one go from there?

This is why I write about completely irrelevant subjects on my blog. It isn't just because I'm a rebel and I don't give a crap for for business blog etiquette. This is of course completely true, but the point being there just isn't that much to say about deejaying really is there?  But there's plenty to say about my life like: Should I write to my MP about BT Openreach? When I moved in here at the beginning of January my phone company said I can't have a phone line until February 21st as there is a Christmas back log with said company. Christmas backlog my arse! One company in charge of line installations in the whole country? Is it any wonder they give you a line when they feel like it? I bet BT customers don't have to wait that long do they? Oh no. No conflict of interest there is there? That's what you get when there's no competition. A bit like Railtrack and look what they've achieved since inception. Then there's the maintainance guy for my flat/house - I can't decide what to call it - It's too small for a house, but it's on two floors and looks like one. Anyway, all this guy has to do is replace a switch on a storage heater and one month and 6 days later he's still telling me he's working on getting hold of a suitable one to fit. What? I've had stuff delivered from China twice since then. Where's it coming from?  Jupiter? The outer moons of the Andromeda galaxy? Chipping Sodbury?

Anyway, I digress. If you or anyone you know feels that there is some vital piece of information that you need to know about hiring a mobile dj that isn't covered on my site, please get in touch and I'll be happy to pad it out in another blog/facebook post/twitter etc. soon - But of course i won't just copy and paste it to each site - NOOO. Google will have my nuts on a kabab if I do that!

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