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Hi And Welcome to my regular blog. I will try and keep it humorous which may mean mildly colourful language at times. I hope you enjoy it and won't be offended. In order to protect the guilty; no Customers will be mentioned by name unless it's complementary and even then I may opt for anonymity. This is only because I wanted to impress you by putting in the word "anonymity."  If I can think of any other slightly more pointless and annoying rules, I will let you know in due course.


3D Freddie and Fairy girl

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Hi all. We watched that "Avatar" film last week. Wow! I recall watching Freddie Crugar's last film in 3d against my better judgment and it wasn't this good. I turned to a bloke on in the next seat and asked "do you know where the toilets are?" "Don't ask me mate" He said. "I'm in the movie!" Back to freddie claw hands. Did anyone do what I did and put the glasses on at the start of the film, only to discover sometime later and sporting a slight headache that only halfway through was the actual 3d bit? Ever felt a bit of a prat? Good enough.

Good gig on Saturday last. The bloke who's Birthday it was (Billy) seemed well impressed with the show. He want's to become a dj himself one day. Nice bloke. The funniest thing was a little girl called page who with her mate was supplying me with most of the requests at the start  as everyone else was drinking and talking. She asked me all sorts of questions about the show saying she too wanted to do my job one day. "I'll just get a chair" she said "as my feet hurt". So over she went in her fairy outfit and got a chair twice as big as herself. Plonked it down next to the console and stood on it to get a better view of my mixing! ha ha! Don't you just love kids and their pragmatism!

Well can't talk any longer as I'm off to get a long overdue haircut.

Have a lovely week!

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