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Bring back Top Of The Pops!

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Hi all with a midweek addition! I'm starting a campaign for the BBC to do the right thing and for gods sake bring back "Top Of The Pops". This great programme was the background to my youth and being of a youthful disposition I can still recall the excitement and the coming together of all us music fans to see what had made it through to that golden prize sought by every artist/musician/dancer of appearing on the said show. I still recall when I was a keyboard player and then song writer when people used to say: "see you on Top Of The Pops". Sadly, as is mentioned elsewhere on this site, none of the bands I was in ever stayed together long enough for me to have a chance of this even though at least one of them contained some serious talent.
I always say it's the bands that stay together through thick and thin who are the ones that make it.
That's all beside the point though. I'm starting this campaign in earnest and I need your support so please go to my facebook group and show your support:  Bring it back now!
Thanks in advance!

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