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Hi And Welcome to my regular blog. I will try and keep it humorous which may mean mildly colourful language at times. I hope you enjoy it and won't be offended. In order to protect the guilty; no Customers will be mentioned by name unless it's complementary and even then I may opt for anonymity. This is only because I wanted to impress you by putting in the word "anonymity."  If I can think of any other slightly more pointless and annoying rules, I will let you know in due course.


Watch out for the sharks!

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Hi all. Not much to say this week as Nothing happening gigwise. November is the time of year when you are usually able to go to that party or dinner as you are for once not working when everybody else is going out. Only trouble is you'd better have saved up some readies to keep paying the bills.

I Have, and have had a few parties. Mainly children and teenagers. Not rent paying money but always fun to play to younger crowds. The children don't have to have had 2+ pints of Stella to get on the floor and the Teenagers always like a bit of Pendulum (drum and bass - Get's your adrenalin going!) or some such heavy stuff you don't always get to play at weddings etc.

Right now I'm getting constant phone calls from companies that want me to advertise with them. When I tell them I am doing ok already with and my own search engine optimization techniques plus let's face it, not a bad site as far as customer facilities goes, they tend to give up and in the case of today just slam the phone down without even saying goodbye. Bastards. Some of these companies just don't give you a good service at all. I'm dealing with one at the moment that took a large payment out of my account twice in row for the same thing. If you're running a young small or medium business, my advice is to Google them before agreeing to ANYTHING! I wish I'd thought about that myself a few times. I won't hesitate in the future. If they're in a hurry to sell over the phone, the most likely reason is that they've got some chink in their service that they don't want you to find out about. Seems a bit wary? I speak from experience. Always insist on paying by cheque afterwards instead of giving out your card details. Then the onus is upon them to do their job just like in the old days. if they don't agree, they ain't telling you everything. Drop em without emotion and move on with your unhassled life!

Have a great week and I'll see you next time.

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