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Hi And Welcome to my regular blog. I will try and keep it humorous which may mean mildly colourful language at times. I hope you enjoy it and won't be offended. In order to protect the guilty; no Customers will be mentioned by name unless it's complementary and even then I may opt for anonymity. This is only because I wanted to impress you by putting in the word "anonymity."  If I can think of any other slightly more pointless and annoying rules, I will let you know in due course.


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  1. Hi all. Just a quick one today. We're moving to Worthing in September as Becky needs to be closer to Brighton and I don't ever want to live in Brighton again as it's...well read my earlier blogs.

    Anyway, I acted all efficiently and tried to get everything cancelled for our moving date: landline, water, council tax etc. Well the council tax cocked up and sent us another bill of roughly the same amount and of the same duration. The water people (we have two here) were great and answered the phone straight away. BT (broadband) want to charge me £70 for the router they replaced becuse the other one was pants and kept failing. Can I send it back? "oh no sir you've soiled it now, we can't take it back". You think that's bad? You ain't heard nothin' yet! Talk Talk are all bloody Talk Talk and no intelligence. They only cut off my land line a month early yesterday and when I discovered this and eventually got through their awful phone menu sytem to one of their droids I also found out that they'd already given my number back to BT and if I wanted to be re-connected I'd have to have another number and wait up to two weeks for an engineeer to come round and do it and incur a £69.00 fee. Try to remember here that I'm running a business and I can't do without internet for two friggin' weeks ignoring the fact that they've just thrown away my business number as well, ie: it's THEIR fault not mine.. After about 2 and a half hours (at 0870 prices!) of getting passed around the system, getting put back to the menu system and getting cut off all by people who had such a strong Punjabi or South African accent that I could bearly understand them, I finally got transfered to the retensions unit,(very clear sounding native Southern England voice), got the fee waived and they said they could put me up the queue for re-conection. I've just got a text this morning saying that and engineer has is coming round on the 23th August (today is 13th - Friday 13th!) and I'm going to tell them to poke it up their corperate arses. I've also just got a survey through the email (as I'm now on 3 mobile internet) and I'll make sure they get the full picture....In a word...I'm dumb struck at their complete lack of compassion and inability to take responsibilty for their own mistake. It's like no one there seems to think they are part of a group that they're supposed to care about the image or performance of. They are in short I think, a group of temporary migraterary working robots who are only thinking of how they can improve the dreadful salary that they doubtless earn from the evidence put before me.

    The moral of this story is: if you're moving, don't do anything until you're safely ensconced within your new pad. And then LET THEM CHASE YOU! They can't do anything to you anymore. You can even cut off their precious direct debit if they get too testy and ask them to send you a clear bill and then if you need to, you can contest it. If they ask you why you left it intil last minute, link them to this blog and all will be clear to the stupid dumb asses!


    Have a great weekend. Happy birtday to Katy last night, hello to Wendy (tonight) and Phil and Leslie (tomorrow night)


    Ta ta!



    PS there's no need for a comedy link today. You've had enough in the above haven't you?